Ashley Babb

Pilates Instructor

Ashley is a classically trained Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates in Denver, CO. As a former dancer and movement therapist, Ashley is passionate about all things movement. Her experience with Pilates is reflected in the Joseph Pilates quote, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Ashley began practicing Pilates to alleviate back pain, gain core strength and find peace of mind. She quickly experienced relief from her chronic back pain and realized that Pilates replaced her need for physical therapy exercises. She also experienced the psychological benefits that Pilates offers as well as increased body awareness. Ashley is a compassionate teacher that strives to meet her clients where they’re at. She is committed to continuing her education in Pilates through workshops and spending time with her mentors. Ashley has a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling and is currently enjoying spending her time outdoors while living in Colorado. She enjoys pilates, yoga, hiking, swimming, skiing, dancing, reading, spending time with family and friends and all things snow.