Are You Ready To Move Better & Actually Get Results?

It’s all about the details

A private session is vital to gaining insight on what it is that you individually need, to gain better daily performance and quicker results.

Since every body is different and develops it’s own unique ways of compensation throughout life, Pilates is designed to realign your body and return it to better functionality, which carries in to EVERYTHING you do.

Your private session will start with an assessment of  your posture and movement patterns and then exercises will be selected specifically with your goals in mind. Weather you’re looking to rehab an injury, gain an athletic edge or simple get into better shape, we’ll create a program to help you re-balance and maximize the benefits for your overall performance and daily activity.

All of our Instructors are fully certified with a comprehensive certification and with many more hours of continued eduction courses under their belts. Frankly, we employ the best and pride ourselves on always learning!! If you are ready to feel a difference and get the tools to reach your fitness and health goals faster and more efficiently, purchase our intro offer and an Axis Instructor will reach out to get you scheduled.


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Get the right tools to reach your fitness and health goals faster and more efficiently.
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