Axis Pilates is Your Neighborhood’s Premier Studio for Core & Cardio! We Offer Pilates, Indoor Cycling and TRX Suspension Training.

Whether you’re looking to rehab an injury or gain an athletic edge, we are here to welcome, inspire and guide you to live with balance and strength. Come visit us and start achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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New to Pilates??

Prior to taking group classes, it’s important that you know how to use the pilates equipment, understand the lingo and learn how to maximize the benefits Pilates has to offer you individually. If you’re new to Pilates, take advantage of our three private session intro package before registering for a class.

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Axis Instructors

Mel Zimmerman

Pilates Instructor

Amy Kuo

Pilates Instructor

Heather Willer

Owner/Pilates Instructor

Emily McCullough

Cycle Instructor

Suzie Stevenson

Pilates Instructor

Gina Stoufer

Pilates Instructor

Katie Anderson

Pilates Instructor

Laura Louu

Pilates Instructor