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Axis Pilates is a boutique studio excited to offer a variety of classes that will challenge your core strength, help you gain flexibility and improve your overall posture and performance. We are open 7 days a week and offer over 30+ class times on the schedule.

We make it convenient to establish a quality exercise routine that is ideal for you. We welcome all fitness abilities and are here to guide you in accomplishing your goals. We highly recommend that you take a class from each of our instructors to find the instructor(s) you most enjoy. Please make sure to let the studio and Instructor know if you have any limitations so that we may offer modifications.

*Due to Government mandated regulations surrounding Covid-19 we are currently offering in-studio Semi-Private Classes (4 clients max.) and are offering online classes as well. The Studio feels amazingly airy and open as we’ve revamped it to offer more space in practice of social distancing. 

Our live online mat Pilates classes are an amazing option to take an Axis Pilates class where ever you are. Your Axis instructor can correct form, offer modifications and challenge each participant to maximize the success of their goals. What you’ll need: A good WIFI connection, Computer (Preferred) or cell phone with video capability, Pilates mat and pilates props (not necessary, but highly recommended) Thera band, Foam roller, Mini 9″ fit-ball.

*For in-studio classes, If you are new to Pilates, we ask that you first take a Private Session. We’re not questioning your fitness ability, and believe us, you’ll still be plenty challenged, but it is really important to be familiar with the Pilates equipment prior to taking a Pilates class. Click Here To Schedule Your Free 30min Private

Class Schedule